QweerFest will bring together queer womxn and non-binary people from across London and beyond for an all day and night festival in The Apple Tree in Central London. QweerFest will focus on four key themes, have a read below…

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Pushing Your Boundaries

Exploring pleasure and new perspectives, Pushing Your Boundaries will challenge, stimulate and push you outside of your comfort zone in all the right ways.

Pride and Joy

A space to proudly share and celebrate all of who we are, in all our uniqueness.

Come Together

Building our community and creating connections is what’s most important to us about QweerFest. Hit the Come Together Bar to chat, play a game, share an idea, meet new people, or just take some time out with some food or a drink.

What Do We Want??

Where are we now? What do we want? This theme imagines and explores now and our future, in this city and beyond.

QweerFest at a glance…

Create a space for us

QweerFest will be a safe space for womxn/enby people to come together. Whatever you want to attend, whether you want to participate and chat or sit back and watch, QweerFest strives to be a space for everyone, and that everyone can take something from.

Celebrate our diversity

QweerFest celebrates our diversity and uniqueness, and features a programme of events that explores who we are across all our communities.

Showcase & collaborate

QweerFest will showcase a diverse range of womxn/enby artists and performers, and provide opportunities for artists and attendees alike to collaborate and chat.

Build connection & community

Experience womxn/enby led performances and activities, and meet others from across our community. Come along with a friend or two, or come by yourself – we’ve designed everything across QweerFest to be accessible and open to those who want to come alone to meet new people.

Planet led & accessible

We will make planet led decisions, strive to be as accessible as possible, and ensure we have a positive impact in everything that we do.